238w Plate concept


Our Plate series is our standard fixture running a 238W this light will be perfect to flower a 4×4 tent while only sacrificing some light intensity. For a full grow under the 238W check out our tester page!

We hope to add many more review video like this in the near feature.



The Stats

  • Wattage:  238 watts @ 120v 60hz
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 23″
  • Chips: 432
  • K temp: 4000k
  • Efficiency 2.3 umol/J
  • Lummen efficiency: 181 Lm/w
  • Total Lummen: 43,078
  • Dimmable 50-100%
  • 4  1/2″ Hangpoints
  • Solid Plate design
  • Recommended hang height 14″
  • Hang Range 12″-24″ Higher you go Larger the footprint
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