Why we do this


The Team at “True Northern Lighting” is on a Mission.  Our Mission is to outfit growers of all Skill levels, Styles, and Methods of growing with Affordable, High Quality Lighting.   Light will always remain an essential part of plant growth.

The People

Our target audience is anyone who has a Passion for cultivating and for creating and maintaining plant life at any level.  We service Commercial,  Artisan, and Home grown facilities. We understand that every Growing Facility or Home has a Passionate, Creative and Humble Gardener or team of Gardeners responsible for its Success Growing a Variety of plants for many different applications from cooking to medicine.


We believe in growing our own Food and Medicine while creating sustainable communities.  We take a great deal of pride in being involved in such an amazing community of people while helping to spread knowledge and offer support . We understand the great feeling of never having to wonder where your food or herbs have come from.  Knowing that you have grown them yourself or purchased them from local cultivators gives us all confidence.

Design & Nature

Through innovative design combined with new technology, “True Northern Lighting”is a major partner in helping all people grow their own Food and Medicine. We Save you Money by Reducing the amount of Electricity you need to consume to nurture high quality yields from your plants. Using Full Spectrum Lighting through LED chip technology we have created indoor lighting environments that rival natural outdoor lighting.  Consider that plant life has existed on earth for Millions of years growing under natural sunlight.  Plants are biologically designed to grow optimally in this lighting environment.


Let “True Northern lighting” light up your garden with High Quality Light, save your Electricity, and most importantly GROW with you!

Cheers and Happy Growing, The whole team at “True Northern Lighting”.

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